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Independents Retailer Month


The Dressing Room is proud to be supporting Independent Retailer Month again for 2015, a UK wide annual campaign to increase footfall in towns and village centres.

The aim is to encourage all those who live in the local area to visit their nearby towns and villages, to explore the local, independent businesses in their community and to rediscover what their place has to offer. To vote with their feet, and with their wallets, if they really do care about having a sustainable, thriving high street!

At The Dressing Room we will shine the spotlight on all that is great about Independent Businesses, highlighting the personal service, attention to detail and personality that make Indies unique.

Here are a few of the things that we have planned:


Owner of The Dressing Room, Deryane Tadd says ‘Independent Retailers are what make our UK High Streets so interesting.  A fantastic Independent Retailer will provide unparalleled customer service with product chosen for their specific customer base.  This is achieved by being passionate about what we do and putting our heart and soul into the business.  We set ourselves apart from the high street by our attention to detail, outstanding customer focus and an excellent product mix picked with our specific market in mind.  You simply will not get this from a multiple retailer and we need people to recognise and celebrate that.’

To make a difference we need to get everyone behind this campaign. Please do spread the word about the campaign and get involved as much as you can. With many individuals working together to support a common objective we can make July a fantastic month for Independent Retailers!

If you would like any information on how you can support The Dressing Room for Independent Retailer Month then please contact: Laura Booty at or on 01727 853577.

If you would like anymore information on how to get involved with Independent Retail Month in general then please contact: Clare Rayner. The Retail Champion, or on 01727 238890.

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