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Interview: Alexia Parmigiani


Stunning new collection from Alexia Parmigani combines printed silks in rich tones, embellished with fringing & tassels and are the height of luxury! We had the pleasure of interviewing the designer herself and asked her about the SS15 collection and what is is like to be an award winning accessory designer….. 


What is the inspiration behind the SS15 collection?

The collection is really mixture of photography and fantasy. I mixed fantastical worlds created by me through digital printing and hand-drawing with real life images from photo’s I’d taken. It was the idea of bringing the world of tropical fantasy into reality.

What is your favourite scarf/print out of the collection?

The Lola print is probably my favourite because I like the sliced collage effect of the faces and colours and how it all comes together. The faces are from a previous fashion shoot and blending something from a past collection into a new scarf is something I really love and want to continue to do. My favourite scarves to wear are probably Day Dream and Nirvana Flamingo because of their size and how they instantly lift and outfit with their colours of Nirvana and the rock and roll edge of Daydreams suede fringing.


 What is it about being a designer that you love?

I’m so happy that I’m a designer for my own brand because of the creative freedom it gives me. Whatever ideas I think of and love I can create.

Being the winner of the Drapers Accessories Designer of the Year, what advice would you give to new designers?

When making a collection, start as a capsule i.e. keep it small and precise and have a clear theme. You don’t need to expand too quickly. Try to keep life as simple and easy for yourself as possible when starting out as a designer. It is going to get crazy, so keep it simple where you can. Also, always go with your gut, other people will try to advise and help but you’ve got to do what feels right for you.


What is your idea of a perfect outfit? What items can you not live without?

I like to wear simple easy to wear clothing and make it an outfit with accessories.  Naturally my favourite is a scarf because it’s not just for the neck but can be worn over your shoulders, round your waist as a belt or in your hair. Pair that with a nice pair of shades, some jewelry, a nice bag or some cool shoes and you’re good to go. So, I’d say accessories in general are the items I couldn’t live without.

Watch behind the scenes footage on the making of the SS15 campaign here:

<p><a href=”″>SS15 Dream Beyond The Lens Campaign</a> from <a href=”″>Alexia Fashion LTD</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


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