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Twist & Tango Interview


The Dressing Room is in love with the edgy and trendy brand Twist & Tango, a Swedish brand which was launched in 1995. We had a little chat with the Twist & Tango team and asked them a few questions, which we thought we would share with you! Have a read and a look at the inspiration behind the recent collection…. it wont be long until you fall in love with them just as much as us!


What is the inspiration behind the AW14 collection?
TT: We played with the idea of the romance meeting rock and punk, inspiring us to create a forceful and dynamic collection.

Twist & Tango helped inspire our #pictureperfect theme, what images helped inspire the AW14 prints/collection?
TT: Our creative team designs all of our prints in-house and finds the inspiration daily through art, lifetime stories, travelling, magazines and other publications.


How would you describe the Twist & Tango customer?
TT: The Twist & Tango girl has a simple and personal style with a touch of fun and playfulness, yet she is still pursues her femininity.

What is the brands ethos?
TT: We base our philosophy on our core values fun, personal, feminine and simple. These reflect upon the whole establishment and create our foundation of individuality, design and uniqueness.

If you could select one image to sum up the Twist & Tango brand what would it be?
TT: This picture represents the attitude of a true Twist & Tango girl, portraying her self-confident and unique personality.

Twist & Tango

What elements of the collection reflect Scandinavian style?
TT: You will find clean and simple wearable garments for the everyday look, definitely reflecting the typical Scandinavian characteristics. Also, the quality element is a contributing
element through our luxurious choice of fabrics.

nell jacket

What are the key pieces out of the AW14 collection, that you consider are must haves?
TT: The coloured fur for a cool and personal look, such as Nell Fake Fur Jacket, the romantic, flowy blouse as in Rosie Blouse and the printed flower pieces giving individuality and fun to any fall outfit.

What was the concept behind the collections look book/photo shoot?
TT: As always it’s very important for us to work with the top photographer, model and stylist to achieve the ultimate high fashion appearance as Twist & Tango represents as a brand. We worked with an amazing team for this photo shoot who truly captured the essence of this collection.





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