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Interview: Dynamic Duo of Pyrus

lorThe Dressing Room had the pleasure of interviewing the dynamic duo, Lorraine & Ash Johnson, on their London based brand Pyrus & the process behind designing the prints & collection for AW14.

Have a read of the couple’s answers below and click here to look at our selection of the AW14 collection here….. you will see why The DR team loves it so much!!

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Where do you get your inspiration from?

Pyrus is very inspired by it’s East London roots and a lot the inspiration comes from things around us. Everyday Life, the people we work with, strangers on the street, art, culture, surroundings, experiences – Inspiration comes from everything.


What is the inspiration behind the AW14 collection / prints?

AW14 sees a rebel emerge. Playing with the rules of today’s modern wardrobe etiquette, the collection contrasts colours, textures and prints making for an eclectic yet considered collection of shapes and styles. Looking to its East London roots, we wanted to add a sense of relaxed contemporary style for the season. Winter botanicals are highlights, shown with both the Eden and Solstice prints. Fusing the traditional with a decidedly sports luxe style, the collection heroes a directional but wearable aesthetic. Florals are softly muted and feature on coordinated separates, while bold flashes of neon fuchsia and cobalt blue enhance Pyrus’ laid back London style.



What is your process in designing/creating the prints? Do you both design the prints?

Starting a collection is always very exciting as Lorraine and I approach the collection from two very different viewpoints. The juxtaposition of utilitarian separates combined with applique detailing, clearly reflects the different cultural backgrounds of Lorraine and myself. Lorraine is in charge of designing the collection while I design the prints.


How is it working with your partner? Who gets the final say?

After working together for more than a decade we have learnt one very important life lesson – don’t overlap each others work. We delegate responsibilities to each other rather than work in unison. More gets done this way and also leads to a more constructive critique when we present our work to each other. Neither of us gets final say on matters unless someone truly feels strongly about a direction. Normally we have to agree on a decision in order for it to be actioned.


How many people work in the team/studio?

Our business is run by a core team of three people: Lorraine, Charlotte and Ash. Apart for designing, Lorraine manages our production and quality control. Charlotte manages our sales and distribution. I manage the financial aspects and risk strategy of the business. Our office dogs Jasper and Daisy help us from time to time. We all wine-o’clock fridays!


What is your favourite piece that you have designed in the AW14 collection?

The Eden print group is our favourite along with the wool melton group this season.


If you could have any celebrity wear your designs, who would it be and why?

This is a very loaded question for us as Lorraine and I have never been into celebrity culture. We actually love to see strong independent women and mothers wear our clothes. I guess we design the collection using women as our inspiration and it’s lovely to see those kind of women wear our clothes and love them.


If you could only describe your brand in 3 words what would they be? 

We actually have a mission statement which is exactly three words long and on our inspiration board at work:



SHOP: Pyrus AW14 collection

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