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The Creative World of Weston Scarves!


Brand New AW14 Weston Scarves £180 available online and in store!

With new season products coming in all the time we wanted to give you an insight in one brand in particular…Weston Scarves! Beautifully printed, eye catching and bursting full of bright and neutral tones these are a must have for your new season wardrobe.

The British brand was founded by Professor Richard Weston who has combined his fascination with nature with the latest technology to create enlarged images of plants, rocks and minerals to create stunning, unique prints. The scarves are digitally printed in Italy, using the finest materials to create beautiful, luxurious pieces.


Marble Quartz Silk Scarf in Cream, £185 – Featuring a large image of a Quartz mineral marked by evanescent drifts of other mineral fractures to create a truly unique piece….



Strizzate Brenta Silk Scarf in Pink, £185 – Featuring an enlarged mineral print, gorgeous colours of pinks and orange combine in a fluid like motion…



Calcite River Silk Scarf in Green, £185 – Featuring a unique print of a calcite carbonate mineral to create a shimmering look in green and blue hues…

The new season scarves combines warm earthy tones with vibrant splashes of deep red and bright pinks to create a individual pieces. These scarves can be styled in a number of ways, wrapped around the neck, draped over the shoulders for an evening look or tied under the arms to create a kimono type top. See below our gorgeous stylist Yasmin showing you a few ways to wrap these beautiful silk numbers….

photo 1 (9)

Yamin looks gorgeous styled in the Jupiter Fluroite Silk Scarf £185 and has wrapped it around the neck to show off the beautiful colours

photo 5 (5)

Yasmin has styled this scarf by tying one end of the scarf around her neck and the other end around the bottom of her back. This creates a gorgeous top with an open back, ideal for holidays or a poolside cover up.


To create a gorgeous kimono we have tied both ends over the arms and knotted them together. This style is really light and airy and shows off the striking print on the back.


If you need any help with styling or some help choosing the right scarf for you please give our stylists a call on 01727 853 577 and we would be happy to help.

Becky x



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