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In the Scandi Kitchen…

As part of our #ScandiStyle month here at The Dressing Room  we had the pleasure of speaking to Bronte – one of the founders and chefs at the London based Scandi Style Cafe and grocery store, Scandinavian Kitchen. Scandinavian Kitchen was founded by Bronte and Jonas who on a visit to London were pacing the streets of the big city trying to find some real Scandinavian food to remind them of home and when they were unable to find such a thing decided to open their open Cafe to educate the people of London about the fabulous food Scandinavia has to offer. They are the only Scandinavian place in the UK to combine both eating and shopping – which is great for us as we get to try their amazing recipes and then cook them ourselves!

We were lucky enough to get Bronte to share with us a few of her favourite Scandinavian recipes. So of course we thought we would share them with you!!! Don’t forget you can get any of their ingredients from their online shop….


beetroot 2

Bronte says: ‘Scandinavian food is simple. We call it “husmanskost”: farmers food, natural and honest, made with the staple goods found on the land. In our opinion, trying to turn our traditional dishes into fancy-schmancy food is not true to what we are. When you work with amazing produce, there is no need to overcomplicate it: just pickle, serve and eat. ‘


ska 2

Smorgasbord is a traditional Scandinavian way of eating – lots of little dishes brought out together or throughout a meal starting with Fish at one end working down to cold meats and warm dishes at the other.


mustard 2


Thank you so much Bronte we love the sound of all these scrummy scandi recipes and I think we will be taking it in turns to have a Scandi themed dinner party – come dine with me is ringing a few bells at the moment! We hope you can all enjoy these amazing recipes as well and we would love to hear about how you get on with them, maybe even send us a few pics!


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