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Anna and Liz from Becksondergaard reveal what they love about #ScandiStyle!


Lis Beck and Anna Sondergaard are the founders behind our much loved Danish Brand Becksondergaard– hence the name! As part of our #ScandiStyle month we got to interview the lovely ladies and quiz them about their Scandi Style loves, food they would recommend us to eat if we visit the beautiful city of Copenhagen and  their key wears from the fabulous BecksondergaardAW13 collection.

How would you sum up Scandinavian style in one sentence?

Stylish, clean, original and timeless.

How does Scandinavian style influence your designs?

It’s hard to define – it is just in our culture and the way we approach design and what we like. We don’t really think about this or try to be Scandinavian in our designs – it comes naturally and we just do and design what ‘feels right’ to us.

What are your key buys or wears from the Becksondergaard AW13 collection?

The shoulder bag ‘Beck’ in soft caramel colour. That bag goes with everything, is extremely practical and gives the right casual look. Soft leather gloves with funky gold leopard print. Tees with photo prints and a large warm scarf in wool/silk with graphic or photo print. It’s hard to choose between the scarves, so we will probably end up wearing a different one almost every day!

Becksondergaard Beck Bag

Becksondergaard Beck Bag

We know that Becksondergaard is famous for its playful prints, do you have any favourites?

The cashmere/modal scarf ‘Feathers Journey’ with a hand drawn print is a personal favourite in the AW13 collection. – It’s a poetic, stylish and delicate illustration of feathers and balloons in subtle feminine colours. Another favourite is Winter Light – a wool/silk scarf with a print effect that reminds of light glimpses.

What do you love about Copenhagen?

That you can go anywhere by bicycle.

Where’s your top spot to eat in Copenhagen?

Salon 39 at Frederiksberg is great as it turns into a cocktail bar at night. They do a fantastic cheeseburger – but also very nice tapas. Another great place is Mash – if you are into serious steaks and a great atmosphere.

Salon 39

Salon 39

Are you a fan of Carlsberg beer, which we know is brewed in Copenhagen?

Yes! Especially Lis, since she used to work for Carslberg before we started our own company. She knows everything about beer!

For those non beer drinkers, do you know of any Scandi cocktails or drinks we should try when we visit?

There are various very nice cocktails with ginger that are definitely worth trying. For example at the bar Lidkoeb at Vesterbro – go for ‘Valkyrie’ which is a bourbon with applejack, lemon and ginger syrup or their mojito with fresh ginger. They are heavenly!

Scandi Cocktails

Scandi Cocktails

Can you give us your top 5 tips for where to go and what to do if we were to visit Copenhagen?

1. Spend an afternoon in the sun at the graveyard Assistentens Kirkegård, where famous Danes like H.C. Andersen are buried. The place is unique since it’s like a park with big trees and people hanging out and sunbathing next to the tombstones.

2. Rent a kayak at Kayak Republic and see the city from the canals. When you are done take a drink at Kayak Bar which is literally based on a float – and possibly a skinny dip later at night.

3. Have dinner at Spiseloppen at Christinia. The restaurant is run as a commune with no owner and the menu varies a lot, since each chef composes the menu he or she wants.

4. Visit the bar Lidkoeb for nice cocktails or beers and a relaxed atmosphere.

5. Rent a bicycle and spend time just seeing the different areas of the city. Copenhagen is great for bicycling and everything is close so you can get everywhere by bike.

Sounds amazing! How do you usually spend your time off in the city?

In one of the fantastic parks or at the seaside. Copenhagen is great because you are close to the water almost no matter where you go.

Do you have any favourite buildings in Copenhagen architecturally and what do you love about them?

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek is an example of lovely old architecture with a fantastic winter garden inside. And the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art north of Copenhagen which faces the sea and is famous for its unique interaction between art, nature and the museum architecture. They have an amazing exhibition on Yoko Ono right now.



Are there any events or festivals that take place in Copenhagen you would recommend us going to?

Stella Polaris is a great music festival taking place in the middle of the city. And Trailer Park which is a festival combining art and music is definitely also worth a visit.

Stella Polaris

Stella Polaris music festival

What historical sites should we visit if we were to take a trip there?

The Danish Stock Exchange near Christiansborg and the small canals is a beautiful and historical building from the year of 1600. The spire is made of four dragons with their tails and those are the building guardians towards enemies and fire – so the story tells.


Christiansborg Palace

Well, I think we can safely say that we have enough knowledge for the most inspiring trip to Copenhagen! Now all we have to do is book it! ….and make sure we take lots of Becksondergaard goodies in our luggage of course! Thanks ladies! x x

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