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Deryane chats to the Head Designer at 2nd DAY about all things Copenhagen!


Mette Christensen is the Design Manager at 2ND DAY, she was born on August 15 1980 in Denmark. With the arrival of the fabulous new Autumn Winter collections and having visited Copenhagen a few times on buying trips, I thought chatting to Mette gave me the perfect opportunity to get some insider knowledge on the gorgeous city of Copenhagen and get some ideas of where to visit and what to do.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?  How long have you been designing for 2ND DAY and what attracted you to the brand?

I originally wanted to be a photographer but was stopped one day on the street wearing clothes I had designed myself and given the opportunity to sell my designs in three stores in Denmark. This is where I got a real taste for design so I took a bachelor in fashion and have been working in the industry ever since. For the last 10 years I have worked with a number of Danish brands. I started designing for DAY BIRGER et MIKKELSEN main line in 2010 and created DAYs first real jeans line. This jeans line collection was really successful and highlighted the demand for a younger and more urban take on the bohemian Day universe. So I got the chance to create a more youthful, contemporary brand- 2 ND DAY was born! We launched 2ND DAY in August 2011 and I have been designing the collections and managing the fabulous 2 ND DAY design team ever since.

Out of all of our buying trips, Copenhagen has to be our favourite city to visit for style inspiration.  We’d love to know some insider secrets about what it is like living in such a cool city.

Thanks I agree; Copenhagen is very cool. I really like the diversity of the city. Copenhagen is both big and small at the same time. We have everything here, both the modern, very hip areas but also great historical places, beautiful lakes, and green surroundings as well as little pockets of the city which make it feel very intimate and friendly. Personally I think you don´t find this in the same way in any other city. I think this is what makes it so special.


Do you live in Copenhagen and if so what do you love about it?

Yes I live in Copenhagen and I love the city and its beautiful surroundings. Copenhagen is very beautiful and we have all these different areas which are special in their own way. Each part of the city has something different to offer – both style-wise but also culturally. I live in Nørrebro witch is a multicultural part of the city with lots of artists and creative people. It used to be a quite a poor suburb but it´s very up and coming with a lot of cutting edge stores and funky restaurants popping up. Then you have Vesterbro which is more modern and contemporary – a bit of a hipster area! It used to be a red light district and is now very hip, the meatpacking district is here and there are loads of cool bars, restaurants and galleries – this is defiantly a place to visit! I also love to stay in the centre of the city with the Kings garden, the lakes and all the great restaurants and cool stores. Luckily DAYs head office is right in centre so I’m here almost everyday and can enjoy the city vibe and get inspired by all the cool people here.

Where is your favourite place to spend an afternoon in the city?

Probably in the centre of Copenhagen. I would walk around the city lakes drinking coffee, I would go from Riccos Coffee or Coffee Collective. Then I would go shopping down the small streets and look at jewellery from Figaroes Bryllup or Line and Jo and find vintage lamps and other cool vintage stuff in Wingaard interior. Because I work with clothing everyday I often like to hunt for other fun, exciting things in my spare time that also inspire me. After this I would meet with friends or my sisters and go for lunch at the Beau Marché café , Zeleste or Pastis cafe. After that if the weather is good I would find a wine bar with outside seating, sit in the sun and have a glass of wine and a catch up. From there I would maybe go to one of the amazing restaurants is the city.

Where is the best place to eat in Copenhagen?

We have so many great restaurants and I really love food. So I find it very hard to choose. But the place I go to the most is called Alcase. It’s a French backyard restaurant in the centre, its hidden away and really cosy and intimate. The food is always amazing and I love the feeling of being in a quiet and cosy place even though you are right in the middle of the bustling city – it’s a great little hideaway! I also love Mash, Fiat, Pastis, Geist, Congo, Formel B and Fiskebaren to name a few!

Where would you go for a night out with friends – can you tell us where the all cool bars are?

I’m more into small wine bars and cosy cocktail places than clubs and bars. So in the night time you would find me in restaurants or wine bars such as R vinbar, Le Esquina, Beau Marche, Stranden 10, Bibendum and Pate Pate. I would be sipping cocktails at: Molthkes Bar, The Jane, Ruby, The Union, 1105 and Balthazar. I seldom go to clubs but if I do I go to Simons (the girls from the UK office love it here!), Toldboden, Jolene or TS bar.


Other than the stunning Day Birger et Mikkelsen store in the city, what is your favourite fashion store in Copenhagen?

I personally love Nag store and think it’s one of the the coolest stores we have here. Pange and Gossip are also great. I mostly wear 2 ND DAY, otherwise I like to buy clothes in Hong Kong, Paris and London. I also love the high street and will often pop into Cos or Zara. Scandinavian interiors are renowned for being the ultimate in style and chic – where would you shop for really cool pieces for your home? I love DAY’s home collection, its very Scandinavian with the bohemian DAY DNA stamped all over it! I love furniture and interiors and am always looking for new inspiration in Illums bolighus, Normann Copenhagen, Rue verte, Wingaard interior, Beau Marche, and or at the flea markets around the city.

If we were to visit Copenhagen for the weekend, what would you suggest we see or do on our trip? Where would you take us first?

I would suggest you to go on a boat cruise at the new harbor. This way you can see the little mermaid, the royal family’s castle, Christania and a lot more of the stuff Copenhagen is renowned for. After this I would suggest you walk around in the centre of the city and look at the architecture and buildings, the landscapes and of course the street style – the city girls are so cool! You could hire a bike and explore, you can have lunch outside one of the many café’s and wine bars and soak up the culture. Maybe after that go and see Tivoli, the lakes, the meatpacking district or Kings garden. If you want to dine in one of the worlds best restaurants you should dine at Noma in the evening. Go to a concert at the opera house or visit one of the art museums.


So now we have some insider tips on where to visit, we need to make sure we look good.  Scandinavian girls always look so effortlessly cool – what is your secret?

I don’t know about the other girls but to me style is all about being comfortable in what you wear. If you feel good, you look good. And if this is not enough add a smile or a little lipstick!. Overall I think the typical Scandinavian way of dressing is very easy, casual and effortless. We bike a lot and therefore we often dress in jeans, jersey and a leather jacket and then we change from flat heels in the daytime to high heels in the night time.

Who is the typical 2ND Day girl?

She’s a metropolitan girl. She’s very independent and loves living in the city and being part of what’s going on there. She’s stylish but she’s not a slave to fashion, she wants to create her own personal look than copy others. She’s very curious and seeks new adventures all the time. She is effortlessly cool and likes that her clothes don´t limit her in what she wants to do. She is free spirited and always on the move. Maybe a bit like me!

Thank you Mette some really interesting answers and suggestions. I now feel ready to go and explore Copenhagen a bit more on my next buying trip! Hopefully this has inspired you too, either to make a trip to Copenhagen or just to relay their super cool look by buying into the gorgeous pieces from 2ND DAY’s newest collection! Hurry up next trip, this has got me all excited!

Deryane x

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