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Chlobo, Italy and Lake Como?! We are dreaming of an Italian getaway!!!

Lake Como

It’s the holiday season and I’m dreaming of all places, sunny, beautiful and warm! One place that has caught my eye for a while now is Italy, not just for the amazing food and shopping but also for the picturesque Italian Lakes -Lake Como and Lake Garda. My interest in the area was highlighted even more when I was reading about the beautiful Chlobo Cloud 9 Collection and the inspiration behind it.

After attending a friends wedding at Lake Como last year Chloe Moss – founder and brainchild behind super jewellery brand Chlobo said:

‘It was such an idyllic setting with an overwhelming sense of love and romance in the air, I felt like I was on Cloud 9!’

Hence the creation of the gorgeous Cloud 9 Collection dedicated to the happy couple themselves!

Cloud 9 (2)

Chloe went on to describe Lake Como as being:

‘ one of the most beautiful places I have ever been, with its breath-taking scenery no wonder it’s know for being Italy’s jewel-like oasis of tranquillity.’

I have to agree, after reading a pile of guide books and flicking through some pictures the views look stunning! Vast crystal blue waters contrasted against a powerful green landscape with snippets of fresh cream coloured buildings peaking through, it makes me wonder if it really looks this amazing in real life?!

lake como

Lake Como is one of the largest Lakes in Europe and is also regarded as one of the most beautiful. A popular retreat for aristocrats in the Roman times and a much sought after tourist attraction for the artistic with its mild climate. Now it is a popular destination with celebrities such as George Clooney, Richard Branson and Sylvester Stallone many of which have homes on the lakes shores. 

After all my reading and research I felt there was still one question that needed to be answered ‘Does Lake Como look as picturesque and beautiful as it does in the guide books?’ Although guide books, pictures and reviews of a place are all very helpful and interesting you can never get a true feeling for a place or its culture without going there in person. If  I wanted to find the answer to my question I knew that a trip was in order so after much deliberation (mainly about which hotel I was going to stay in) I decided to book a couple of weeks away for some much needed sun, relaxation and pasta!!!

Don’t worry I shall be reporting back with my findings – perhaps not whilst I am there, as I’m sure I will be busy exploring! But I will be a typical tourist, snapping away and writing notes so I can share my travels with you.

So for all of you considering a getaway to the beautiful lakes or even those of you that are just intrigued to the answer of my Italian mystery I will be blogging about all of my Italian info on my return. Keep your eyes open for my Lake Como Blog part 2 coming soon……

For now why not check out some of our favourite Chlobo stacks in this short video!

Jaime xx

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