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Denim Dedication Month – Find your perfect pair of jeans!

Denim Dedication month intro

We are here to help you get denim savy for spring!

So many women have trouble finding jeans and don’t enjoy the trials and tribulations most of us go through to find that perfect pair. So we decided enough is enough!

There are so many fantastic denim brands that are producing huge varieties of styles that we know there is a pair to suit everyone and our aim is to help you find yours! Or if you’re already addicted to your denim (like us) then we can advise you on how to wear the hottest new styles to add to your existing collection!

At The Dressing Room we are all trained stylists and are experts in knowing what’s what when it comes to denim. So, where is the best place to start when trying to find that essential wardrobe staple jean?


Firstly I would say it’s good to have a rough idea of the style you are looking for ie: Skinny, Straight, Bootcut BUT don’t completely dismiss anything you have never tried.

What shape jean are you looking for?

There are a lot of cliches in the ‘fashion world’ about different body shapes sticking to specific cuts of jeans, I would not advise to follow that methodically. One style of skinny jean can fit completely different to the next, so don’t get scared off if you’ve had a bad experience – it happens to us all!


If you are conscious of your ‘middle section’ and don’t want the dreaded ‘muffin top’ I would advise to opt for a mid or high rise Jean.  The following are all fantastic options for this:

Lower rises can look great too, especially if worn more slouchy at the waist, which Current/Elliott do really well.

Choose your rise!

All rise! These are just a few of the super flattering Mid and High rise jeans we currently have in stock.


At The Dressing Room we also advise to buy your denim tight.

  • Premium denim is made so it’s super soft and comfortable to wear, which is one of the main selling points but it does make the fabric more likely to stretch
  • All of our brands go up in half sizes, which makes it so much easier to get the size just right for you
  • If you are trying jeans on and they feel ‘just right’ our advice would be to go down half a size, to allow them to give

Yes, it may sound crazy but if the size feels a little snug at the time of buying it is usually the right one to go for. Don’t push it though ladies – if that button’s bursting they are too tight!!

Denim dedication-fashion styles

Once you have your staple jeans sorted a fashion style is a great way to get some colour and print into your wardrobe. These are some of our favourites available on-line now!


The list of possibilities to consider when denim shopping could go on forever:

  • Which type of wash do you want?
  • How much stretch do you like in the denim?
  • What occasion you are buying them for?

The main point to remember though is to not be daunted by the amount of options available. My advice is to seek help from someone that knows what they are talking about so they can do the thinking for you!

Our stylists are available in store to help you with any denim dilemmas you may have or you alternatively you can call or e-mail us if you are not close enough to pop in. The key thing is to try on a few styles to get it right, our special denim delivery promise is running exclusively this month and is designed to help those of you that cant make it in to see us….

Denim delivery promise

If you are buying on line, make you you try a few pairs to get it exactly right. Then your more likely to find your favourite pair and you can send the others back for free!

Contact us for advice any time or book in for a Style by appointment session at the store. Our aim is to get you feeling great in your jeans, once you’ve got that perfect pair, it will change everything!

Keep your eyes open throughout this month for all the amazing competitions we will be running and the denim info that we will be throwing your way! Make sure you are following us on facebook, twitter and Pinterest to make sure you don’t miss out on anything!

Charlotte x


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