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My Day At Pure London 2012

Recently I was lucky enough to accompany Deryane to the 2012 Pure London Buying Show in Kensington Olympia. Being the hottest day of the year wasn’t enough to put us off achieving our mission of bringing you the best SS13 looks and trends to The Dressing Room.

Warren Knight on stage

To start my day off – and whilst Deryane prepared for her panel discussion, I went and listened to a very interesting social media workshop by Warren Knight about how Facebook can be used for business. I always find his talks very inspiring and really easy to listen to and learn from.

I came away with lots of ideas for our Facebook Page so watch this space. If you are not already following us on Facebook click here :

Deryane on Stage getting Ready

I then started to make my way down to the other end of the building and this was when I realised how big the show actually was and although I picked up a map for guidance I still found myself quite often walking around in circles.

Deryane, Kate Evans and Joel Lever discussing there buying techniques

Once I eventually found the right stage (The Grand Hall Stage in fact)  I sat down and eagerly awaited  the most exciting part of the day for me – Deryanes seminar about how to Build your buying portfolio and create a fresh and interesting brand mix.

On the panel and discussing their buying techniques were Kate Evans – owner of Precious Boutique in Spitalfields Market, Joel Lever – owner of Mon Amie in Manchester and our very own superstar Deryane Tadd owner of The Dressing Room. The seminar was a great success and I could hear people talking about it amongst the crowds of people listening.

After a spot of lunch in the Drapers VIP lounge, I got to see Deryane in full buying swing as we went from appointment to appointment and brand to brand choosing all her key looks for Spring/Summer 13 at The Dressing Room – Although now I can’t wait for it all to arrive and I just want to get my hands on all of it!!!

Gorgeous Bill Skinner Jewellery

We saw some amazing brands and met some great people but for me one of the best moments was seeing this fabulous Bill Skinner Jewellery – which will be coming into The Dressing Room very soon, don’t worry! I simply fell in love with it as soon as I saw it and I think you will too.

So that was my amazing day at the 2012 Pure London Show and what a memory I will have forever…

Jaime x

One comment

  1. Charlotte Phillip

    Nice blog Jaime! A great way to catch up on what’s happening at The Dressing Room whilst I’m away. So pleased Deryane decided to buy that jewellery brand, seen it before and it is stunning! x

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