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Independent Retailer Month

Support your local Independent shops this month!

Independent Retailer Month is a global ‘Shop Local’ campaign that will be running throughout July. It is designed to highlight the important role that local Independent retailers play in the communities they serve, the economy they contribute to and the retail sector as a whole.

We are in  full support of this great initiative and what it stands for, so we are running some amazing competitions and give aways this month in celebration of all the great independents out there! Here’s what’s on offer if you shop with us at the dressing Room in July….

What we are doing at the dressing Room!

Shop with us in July in support of Independent Retailer Month and get the chance to win lots of great prizes!

We are very proud that Deryane was a key speaker at the launch conference for this project. Here’s just some of what she had to say about being involved……

‘Independent retailers are what make the UK High Streets so Interesting. A fantastic Independent Retailer will provide unparalleled customer service with product chosen for their specific customer base. The Dressing Room is dedicated to being the very best Independent retailer possible. This is achieved by being passionate about what we do and putting our heart and soul into the business. We set ourselves apart from the high street by our attention to detail, outstanding service and excellent product mix – delivered by a team trained to be the best in the business! You simply will not get this from a multiple retailer and we need people to recognise that.’

Also this month we would like to here what you think, we want your input to help make the dressing Room even better! Tell us what you would like from us, whether there’s a certain brand you would love us to stock, how we could improve our events or anything we could do better for you. E-mail us your comments or tell us in store and we promise to consider all of your suggestions!


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  1. Pam Garden

    Why I shop independent – I like to shop at independent stores because by doing so it supports the local people and economy. Also I love the variety of brands and individuality of the clothes and then I always get complements in England or America on my Dressing Room outfits! I grew up with my parent’s owning an independent clothing store in a small town in America and I know that if people don’t support small businesses we will end up with all the same chain stores in every town. So get out there and shop at you independenly owned stores!

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