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The unique and charming world of ChloBo!

ChloBo needs no introduction and is very much part of The Dressing Room family.  We simply love it!

The appeal of ChloBo has always been the unique and interesting charms, the designer Chloe Moss sources and uses on all her pieces.  Behind every charm is a meaning making each individual piece all the more special.  We thought it would be a nice idea to share some those with you.


The Humming Bird

Considered to be a symbol of peace, love and happiness.  In native American culture, it symbolizes timeless joy and the enjoyment of life.  It’s a symbol for accomplishing all that seems impossible and will teach you how to find the miracle of joyful living from you own life circumstances.

Chunkies single tassel

The Tassel

The tassel is used as a symbol of protection.  The belief being that its liquid like movement is used to confuse and distract evil and negativity.

ChloBo Wing Charm

Angel Wing

It is believed that Angels are messengers from heaven who are here to love, support, comfort, protect, heal and guide us.  Wearing an angel wing charm is a symbol of their divine presence in your life.  The wing can also symbolise your aspiration to reach greater heights.

small bell

The Bell

The Bell is said to ward off evil spirits.  It is also a symbol of you wedding day and can help prevent from any wrong doings happening on the big day.  What a fabulous pre wedding gift for someone special?!


The Elephant

A symbol of wisdom, luck and loyalty.  Keep a lucky elephant with you to protect from bad luck and to stimulate good luck for always.  The elephant attains old age and with it brings wisdom.  They are highly revered for their strength and power.

Noodle ball with dragonfly

The Dragonfly

A symbol of courage, strength and happiness.  Who would have thought something so small and fragile could hold such power.

These are just some of the wonderful charms she uses and their meanings.  If you have a ChloBo piece with a charm that you would like to know more about then do drop us an email.

Last Spring Summer ChloBo launched their gorgeous JuJu collection which was named after the designers favourite beach bar in Barbados.  This Spring  Summer she is about to wow us with her Stunning Dreamlands collection.  So excited!

Dreamland is Bali’s number 1 most beautiful beach and deemed one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  A chance meeting on this very beach with a woman that was making silver bracelets was all the inspiration Chloe needed to set up her own dream of ChloBo and make it the name for her 2012 Spring Summer collection.

dreamland bali

I need to be transported there right now!

The Dreamlands collection is a mouthwatering array of pastel colours which are not only a reflection of the bohemian roots where ChloBo began but are bang on trend for spring summer.  She uses beautifully coloured stones which symbolise inner peace, relieve stress and dissipate negative energy to name just a few.


The Dreamlands Collection

Dreamlands Has arrived – Shop Now!

Chloe Moss your talents never cease to amaze us and with this Dreamlands collection, you’ve done it again!

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