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Summer loving happened so fast! We’re officially in love with ChloBo!

All hail Chloe Moss, the jewellery design guru of 2011!  We can never get enough of this fabulous brand and just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, it did!  We kicked off the summer with her gorgeous JuJu collection, an idea inspired  by her favourite beach bar in Barbados!


All made from cowhorn and sterling silver

Then there was……..

summer love

A festival inspired collection in a fabulous array of colours.


We're definitely feeling that love!

These are selling  like hot cakes in store so will try to get them online asap.  If you would like more information then give one of our stylists a call who will be more than happy to help.

Even more exciting is the new Evil Eye Collection which we have just had in today!  This should be online next week but here’s a sneak preview in the meantime to get your fashion taste buds tingling!


There's nothing evil about this, its gorgeous!


How excited are you?!

Chloe sees this range as an addition to the iconics range and it is meant to protect from Evil.

And just in case you thought that was it, check out the other new ChloBo bits we’ve had in this week on our Just In page.

The idea behind ChloBo is a layering concept which is just as well as The Dressing Room girls can never pick just one!  However, if layering just isn’t your thing, then each one makes a beautiful statement piece of jewellery.  The only difficulty you’ll have is deciding which one to choose!

ChloBo-Pearl collection

Love the vintage vibe of the pearls in contrast with the sterling silver!

The collections keep evolving but the heart and soul of Bali where the original design idea came from,  still remains the essence of ChloBo!

Back camera

Chloe Moss, we salute you!

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