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Summer time and the living is easy!

Yesterday was definitely the most exciting thing to happen to Deryane in a while.  Well apart from the Christian Louboutin boots she received on Christmas day! Oh yes and the arrival of Coco the dog in their lives!  Sorry I digressed, anyway back to yesterday.  As a successful career woman in the fashion industry, Deryane was asked if she would mind being featured in Easy Living magazine modelling one of this summers key trends along with two other industry business women. 

Of course she obliged and a car met her at King’s Cross station yesterday morning to transport her to Hoxton Street Studios.   She was greeted by the Easy Living team, fashion photographer, hair stylist and make-up artist.  All of whom were charming.

There was a sea of tantalising shoes, bags and clothes!  A dream come true for most of us fashion loving ladies!


Easy living shoot shoes

look at all those gorgeous shoes!


Easy Living shoot

Can a girl ever have too many bags?!

 Having commented on how glamorous looking Deryane was, the hair and make up team set about styling her.  She paled slightly when the curling tongs came out the bag but thankfully their wasn’t a ringlet in sight and her hair looked fabulous! 

Easy living shoot

with minutes to go not a hair could be out of place!

 Deryane was modelling one of this seasons key colours, blush.   Although a fan of the colour, it was definitely a big step away from her normal style however we think she looks great!

Easy Living shoot

See what we mean?!

After the shoot Deryane was treated to yummy lunch with the whole team before hot footing it across town to her Current Elliot appointment!

Blush and nude tones are  really key colours for spring summer and Deryane if given the choice would probably have chosen to wear the tuxedo playsuit by All My Love.

Easy Living are going to be featuring the gorgeous twisted pocket top by All my Love and Chantilly Lace Scarf by Luxury label Mercy Delta in the feature.



All my love pocket top

Fab basic with a difference for summer in a key gorgeous nude tone!


Mercy delta lace scarf

The perfect accessory to carry you right through from now to Summer!

The bad news is girls, im afraid you are going to have to wait till March to see the feature but we think it is going to be well worth the wait and it will definitely go down as a great day in The Dressing Room diaries! 

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