The Dressing Room Fashion News

Join in our Birthday Celebrations!

Celebrating 5 Years of the dressing Room!

If you were not able to get tickets for our Fashion Show this weekend do not fear – we will be celebrating all weekend!  From Friday 21st through to Sunday 23rd May we will be continuing to sell raffle tickets with great prizes to be won and we will be serving champagne throughout the weekend.

We also have a great Birthday competition running.  Simply visit our blog or facebook page and write one sentence that sums up what you love about the dressing Room.  Our Favourite comment wins a £50 gift voucher.  It is as simple as that!  

So get blogging!  


  1. Tara Loch

    Dressing Room to me stands for D – Designer, R – Real, E – Everyone, S – Sexy, S – Sophisticated, I – Individual, N – Niche, G – Great girls, R – Reasonable , O – Opulent, O – Outstanding, M – Magical……..PLEASE DONT GO ANYWHERE I LOVE IT xx

  2. Mel Millner

    I love the Dressing Room because the girls are sooooo…. nice to my husband that he lets me buy whatever I want!

  3. Pami Garden

    I’ve been shopping at the Dressing Room for about 5 years so I guess I’ve been there since the beginning. I love the individuality and quality.

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