The Dressing Room Fashion News

Its sizzling down at The Dressing Room!

All of us girls at the Dressing Room definitely have a spring in our step as  the sun is out and we think it looks set to stay – Hurrah!  Even if it isn’t we can’t hold off any longer on wearing all the gorgeous new high summer styles that have been coming in.

Star Mela have a beautiful range of stunning kaftans and dresses that need’nt just be worn on the beach as they look great teamed with jeans or the ever faithful jeggings which we fail to stop loving!

Its definitely time for a pedicure too and that time of year to get your pinkies out and into our fabulous new footwear.  There are super sexy wedges from Luxury Rebel and sparkley flip flops from Star Mela which look great  for everyday.

Last week we blogged to you about cult t-shirt brand Wildfox and they have been flying out of the store since.  They are now available to order online too.  We love this edgy wild roses print tee

Wildfox - wildroses

This wildroses tee has a nostalgic 80's charm.It's Lorrans definate pick of the week!


Wildfox - Fall in Love Tee

Another of our favs which is definitely a nod to the flower power decade of the 70's

There really is an array of summer loveliness in the shop with gorgeous colours and fabulous accessories so if you can, try and come down to the store this weekend as its set to be scorcher! Or try our new online ‘Holiday Shop’ where we have selected many Summer essentials for your wardrobe!

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