The Dressing Room Fashion News

Odd Molly Arrives!

Spring has sprung at the dressing Room this week!  So many beautiful deliveries are arriving thick and fast, we are doing our best to get them out for you and online.  the dressing Room favourite ‘Odd Molly’ arrived in store this weekend so we have put a sneak preview of some of the styles below just in case you haven’t had a chance to pop in over the weekend.  Remember to get in quick with this brand, as threre are alot of Odd Molly fans out there, so it never stays in store for long!

If you would like more info on availabilty then contact us asap!

Cool OddMolly Printed Tank in White

Cool Odd Molly Printed Tank in Black

Odd Molly Kettle coat. A beautiful way to update your Spring Wardrobe.

Make a statement with the Odd Molly Lovely Knit!

Layer this gorgeous Odd Molly Livealot blouse with an American Vintage t.

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