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Amazing New Fiona Paxton Jewellery now in!

fiona paxton logo

Formely the head print designer for Chloe, Armani and Moschino, Fiona Paxton trained at the Royal College of Art and launched her debut jewellery collection for autumn/winter 2008-9.

Whilst working abroad, Fiona became more and more inspired by the artisan techniques of the embroidery craftsmen of India. She decided to develop a range of her own jewellery pieces that are all hand embroidered using these ancient techniques. Each jewellery piece is a tightly patterned beaded mosaic of glistening strands of silver and gold coloured chains and beads. Intricate beadworks create fluid necklaces that drape flat to the body languid and snake like.

Its Twenties glamour combined with intricate Indian artistry makes it unsurprising that she’s such a hit with fashion’s front line.

Prices start at £120 and the collection is set to expand next season – make sure you’re the first with one of her first.

 Fiona Paxton Styled Shots - Sylvie, cocoFiona Paxton Styled Shots - Larne,Connie

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