The Dressing Room Fashion News

Liverpool Party was a success!

We had a great time yesterday at the dressing room to you Liverpool party.  The drive was well worth it as the ladies really enjoyed the clothes and accessories we brought.  Somehow we managed to turn host Natalie Wignall’s house into a mini Dressing Room!  Everyone, (including us) was amazed at how much we managed to fit into Suzy’s polo although we couldn’t quite fit the shoes in as it was piled high and  Charlotte was very squashed on the back seat!

While the ladies indulged in Natalies delicious afternoon tea and champers we hunted out jeans, jewellery, dresses and T’s for everyone to try.  There were lots of ‘ooh’s and ahhs’ as people tried the beautiful things and the hits of the day were definately the new blank Maliya dress, American Vintage T’s, Denim and the new beach brand Star Mela.  We’ll post some pics on the website soon, so watch this space.

We are already planning the next one….If you fancy your own Party please check out

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